Approach Photo of Panel 80104
Map of Panel 80104
Advertising Strengths:  Traffic heading east on I-490 leaving City of Rochester. Targets: evening commute, Monroe Ave, Culver and Winton Road, I-590 interchange north and south, eastern Suburbs of Brighton, Pittsford, Penfield, Perinton and Victor, northern suburbs of Irondequoit and Webster.
Panel: 80104
TAB Unique ID: 250089
Location: #39 I-490 & S. ALEXANDER S/L
Lat/Long: 43.14657 / -77.60164
Media/Style: Permanent Bulletin / Regular
*Weekly Impressions: Pending Audit
Panel Size: 14' 0" x 48' 0"  View Spec Sheet
Vinyl Size: 15' 0" x 49' 0"
Facing/Read: North West / Right
Illuminated: YES
*Impression values based on: 18+ yrs